Dice Summoners

Dice Summoners

The greatest summoners must master their art in all it's forms.
Dice summoners is a 2 player duel using cards and dice.


"Summon forth creatures from legend to serve you and help recruit worshippers. Wield powerful spells to bring out the true potential of your army. Assemble armies of fierce angels or mythical demons. Cast fireballs and magic walls. Control the battlefield to vanquish your opponent."

Summoners build their army using the occult symbols on the dice. These symbols gain and activate spells, creatures, auras and curses from a common pool of cards. Immerse yourself in it's mythological theme as players deplete their enemy’s health to win the battle.

Dice Summoners is a two player duel using cards and dice. It's aimed at players who want a light competitive card game with high replayability. The game has an engaging strategy using dice based action selection and an extensive variety of cards. Great fun for families and couples. The game only takes a few minutes to set up and 30 minutes to play. With 38 interchangeable decks it is also ideal for a whole day of gaming. Recommended for ages 14 and above or younger with parental supervision.

Each player begins with 3 starting spells and creatures. The centre of the gameplay area contains a pool of 16 communal decks of cards. There are 38 interchangeable decks in the box to allow for a variety of gameplay. The rule book has four suggested formats to choose from and a guide on how to create your own set up.

A player's turn is split into 2 stages: Gain and Combat. In the Gain stage, players earn dice based on the creatures in their army. Stronger creatures give dice of greater number and strength. The dice are then rolled. In the Combat stage the player matches the symbols rolled on the dice with the many different actions available on their cards. Actions include casting spells, summoning creatures, stealing, healing, attacking and defending.

Every turn there will be multiple actions the player can choose from. The player ends their turn when they run out of dice to complete actions. They can also choose to keep some dice for the next round. Play continues to the next player. The game ends when one player’s health drops to 0. The remaining player wins and is declared the greatest summoner in the land.

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What's in the box?

  • 70 Creature Cards
  • 27 Spell Cards
  • 20 Curse Cards
  • 10 Aura Cards
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 30 Defense Tokens
  • 12 Engraved Blue Dice
  • 8 Engraved Red Dice
  • 2 Health Trackers and Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

The brilliant Kate O'Moore of MAKER Creative did the graphic design to make the content beautifully composed and easy to read. Her style fits perfectly with the theme and the overall direction of the game. We look forward to working together on future projects.

Artwork and illustration for the cards were all completed by the very talented Brendan Purchase. The illustrations really help capture the essence of the game. His skill gives this game a beating heart. Brendan is best known for his work with 'Dark Horse Comics' having contributed to many different pieces with them.

2 Player card and dice game

Plays in about 30 minutes

Recommended for ages 14 and above

Card Drafting

Pool Building

Dice Rolling