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Decking Awesome Games

It is our mission at Decking Awesome Games to fill the world with exciting and novel games


Dice Summoners

Summon forth creatures from legend to serve you and help vanquish your opponent. Summoners build their army using the occult symbols on the dice to gain and activate spell, creature, aura and curse cards.

Spells are powerful actions like summoning mythical creatures and casting fireballs. Creatures can be used against an enemy to attack and defend.

Expertly craft a unique army to win this battle against your rival.


Trapped on a snow covered mountain, players must fight to survive. Gather resources, explore the landscape and work togther to escape.

Garden of Bees

Protect your hive. Conquer the garden. Garden of Bees is a lively dice rolling game for 2 to 6 players.

You are a mighty queen bee. You will claim this garden as yours and yours alone. You will oppose other queen bees and their armies. You will risk everything on the whims of pollinating flowers and the events of nature. You will raise armies of loyal bees. You will bide your time and find the perfect moment to battle. You will be the queen of the garden.

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Decking Awesome Games was founded by Ciara Costelloe, Brian O Moore and Eoin Costelloe. We are an Irish board game company with a real passion for developing games to bring people closer.
We at Decking Awesome Games are here to design games with styles and themes we would enjoy playing, to design games that bring people together in a friendly setting and to explore new and exciting areas for board games.
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