Three Irish board game developers talk about getting into board games, the awesome culture around it and creating their own board games.

New episodes released on the first Monday of every month.

Board Game Design:

Today we are talking about how to work with artists. We are going to discuss why you should choose one, how to work with one and any pitfalls that you might have.

The different stages of rulebook development, the reasons for good layout and design and common sections you may have.

Why you should do it, how to get ready, what the community will want and what to do after.

How to create a high quality prototype, doing it yourself and the components.

How to choose a manufacturer and how to decide what your final components will look like.

DAG Debates:

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Tabletop Culture:

On today’s episode we are talking about how we like to run our game nights. We are going to discuss why we find it fun, where to start and how to run an awesome game night.

Why we find it fun, where to start and how to run a campaign.

Why we love these games so much, why they are perfect for Christmas and our memories of the games.


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