We are Decking Awesome Games and we make board games. We love making them. We started working together in 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

On this site you can purchase our first game, Dice Summoners. You can find details about the events we are attending and listen to our podcast on board games. If you join our mailing list, you will hear news about our upcoming games Bumper Bots on Titan and Save Princess Snowball.

Our Game

“Summon forth creatures from legend to serve you and help recruit worshipers. Wield powerful spells to bring out the true potential of your army. Assemble armies of fierce angels or mythical demons. Cast fireballs and magic walls. Control the battlefield to vanquish your opponent.”

Dice Summoners is a light, quick game for two players. It’s ideal for couples or small groups looking for a fun game to start an evening. With 38 interchangeable decks it is also perfect for a whole day of gaming. The game only takes a few minutes to set up and 30 minutes to play.

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