The Dragon of Skellig Island

Welcome traveller to a Celtic-inspired adventure where Skellig Island has a new occupant, a dragon.

The Dragon of Skellig Island is a light-hearted adventure for new players and new DMs from levels 1-3. On Skellig Island you will be exploring ancient locations, conversing with locals and fighting monsters. There are tricky problems to solve and magical mysteries to uncover.

My hope with the Dragon of Skelling Island is to create an adventure that is easy for first-time DMs. It should allow anyone to tailor it to create something beautiful for their game night. It should also be detailed enough to enable all DMs to have a good time with their group.

This adventure is designed for all parts of DMing. It touches on aspects usually taken for granted such as session 0 and custom bonds. I wanted to delve into these aspects to ensure everyone can find the best approach that works for their group.

Whether it’s a long campaign or a one-shot, I love the stories told around the table. Good luck out there adventurers. I hope your dice always roll 20.

A 5th Edition adventure for new players from levels 1-3

A helpful guide on how to run session 0

Custom subraces and bonds to expand your choices

5 new monsters to challenge your players with

Battlemaps to run thrilling combat encounters on

Click below to download a free pdf of 6 ready-to-go characters for your adventure on Skellig Island. This pdf contains a Half-Orc Barbarian, a Hill Dwarf Cleric, a Wood Elf Druid, a Fey Gnome Fighter, a Wood Elf Fighter and a Dark Elf Sorcerer.