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Note on shipping to the UK:

Due to new processes implemented with Brexit, we have had to temporarily stop shipping to the UK. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to have this resolved soon.

Note on the collection policy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

While COVID-19 restrictions are ongoing, we will require anyone collecting a game to stay outside our premises. Once you arrive at our premise, you can contact us by phone and we will drop the game out to you wearing appropriate protective equipment. Alternatively, you can ring the doorbell and we can drop the game out to you (please allow some extra time for us to put on a mask so you can safely collect the game).

Orders must be collected from 6 Beresford Road, Donabate, Co. Dublin within 14 days of being notified to collect your order. Your order number and some form of identification must be produced by you or the person you have nominated to collect on your behalf at the time of collection. A person is nominated by sending an email with the details of the nominated person to us from the email address used on the order. If you do not collect it within 14 days after you are notified to do so, your order will be cancelled and we will issue a refund to the payment method used in the purchase via our payment provider Stripe.