Three Irish board game developers talk about getting into board games, the awesome culture around it and creating their own board games.

Tabletop Culture:

Today we are talking about Gaelcon 2021, an awesome RPG convention in Ireland. This year the convention was virtual, hosting all sorts from DnD to newly created systems. We had a great time with all these creative events. It felt really good to geek out with everyone who attended.

Today we are doing a year in review of Decking Awesome Games in 2020. We are going to discuss our upcoming games, our current game Dice Summoners and the future of Decking Awesome Podcast.


Today we are going meta, breaking the fourth wall and talking about our podcast setup. It’s been a long journey to get the proper setup we have now. We wanted to discuss all of the equipment we currently use, the reasons for choosing this equipment and the mistakes we made along the way.


Today we are talking about the Dungeons and Dragons campaign Curse of Strahd and why it is awesome. We are going to discuss what makes it different to other dnd campaigns, what we did to make it our own and some fun times we had playing.


Today we are talking about Pandemic the board game. We are going to discuss what themes and mechanics it has, why it is so popular and what makes it different to other board games.


DAG Debates:

Today we are debating unique starting powers in board games. This is our first debate so hopefully everyone will be civil and not yell although rage quitting I think is still acceptable. The proposition of this debate is “unique starting powers reduce fun”.

Did your opinion change on unique starting powers? Who do you think won the debate? Comment on our social media to tell us and decide who won. If you enjoyed it, share it. We’ve been Decking Awesome Games. Thanks for listening.


Board Game Design:

Today we are talking about being an exhibitor at our first board game convention and what you can do to prepare for yours. We are going to discuss what we had planned before, what we did to stay energised and what we improvised as the convention progressed. This should be helpful to anyone attending their first board game convention who are trying to figure out what they will get out of it and what they can do to prepare.

Today we are talking about how to work with artists. We are going to discuss why you should choose one, how to work with one and any pitfalls that you might have.

The different stages of rulebook development, the reasons for good layout and design and common sections you may have.

Why you should do it, how to get ready, what the community will want and what to do after.

How to create a high quality prototype, doing it yourself and the components.


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