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S1E18 | DAG 2020 Year in Review

Today we are doing a year in review of Decking Awesome Games in 2020. We are going to discuss our upcoming games, our current game Dice Summoners and the future of Decking Awesome Podcast.



and welcome to the decking awesome

podcast my name is owen and i’m joined

by the awesome kiera and brian

hello hello and today we are doing a

year review of decking us games in 2020

we’re going to discuss our upcoming

games our current game

dice summoners and the future of decking

us and podcasts

just a heads up the sound will be a

little bit different for the next few


we’re all locked down in our houses so

we’re recording the next

few episodes in zoom it looks like this

could continue for a while

so bear with us this of course is

following on from the podcast we did

about how to get the best out of your

sound when you’re doing a podcast

sometimes you’re just going to bang out

and i’ll zoom recording

it’s very true so let’s kick it off with

the work we’ve been doing behind the

scenes in our upcoming games

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the next upcoming game that we want to

discuss is one that we always love to


and it’s pretty close they’re creating a

final prototype and this is the awesome

save princess snowball so sis what is

save princess snowball well

save princess snowball is a cooperative

puzzle game

a real life escape room but made into

cards we really

love this type of game we played them a

lot it’s about

bringing a group of people together

playing something

together to reach cooperatively your

goal it’s a card game so it’s quite


and portable and the point of save for

the snowball is to save your bunny

rabbit princess snowball

who has gotten herself into trouble and


as her loving owner have the job of

trying to

go find her and save her from wherever

she is

the team is quite light-hearted because

i don’t know if many of you out there

play escape room games

but they can be they can range in team

from quite lightly quite heavy so we

love to play

escaping games together and with other

people and

friends and friends with kids what we

found is

some of those dark themed escape from

the murder in the polar vortex or

something yeah yeah

it can be quite dark so what we’re doing

is we’re trying to create light-hearted

but still

thrilling escape room game so kind of

going for the

anything that we can bring in to create

a sense of urgency

without it being like a murderer is

chasing you with a big knife

so it’s a little bit more lighthearted

fun it’s usually a detective kind of

games those escape

like you know i get a christie kind of

version on the train or like your tomb

raider going up walls trying to do stuff

i love cooperative puzzle games they’re

so great to have this kind of shared

experience with people

you know some of them kind of last

certain periods of time it’s always like

a really engaging moment where all

people from

with different skills kind of work

together and do puzzles in their own way

and try and figure things out it’s

really fun

and we thought that bringing an element

of your pet

rabbit is has disappeared like everyone

loves their pets

who doesn’t love their pets and that

gives it a nice compelling reason to to

play and

we love just playing together so it


but it’s not just geared to kids though

it’s it’s still accessible for

adults like you don’t feel like you have

to gather children around to play the


there are still some good puzzles in

there and especially if you don’t know

any children don’t just gather random

children to bring

into play puzzles with yeah so

so i think some of the puzzles probably

couldn’t be

solved by kids to some degree so you

kind of need the whole family

it’s to get kind of variety of people i

guess and just have

no limits on what that variety is if


you have decided that you want to play

with your parents

or your grandparents who knows or you

just want to play with your friends

and keep an open or a game where a lot

of people who don’t play

board games it’s also a nice board game


people who wouldn’t normally play board

games and people who haven’t tried

escape rooms

one of the big things that gets me with

the like little escape room games and

things like that

you know you you play it once and then

you’re tearing up cards and you’re

cutting bits and pieces out

and then the game is basically just

going in the bin after you’re finished


this one you don’t have to you don’t

have to chop it up you don’t have to

throw pieces out you can pass the game

on to other people as well can’t you

yeah so all the puzzles are reusable and


so you can just hand the box over to

somebody else and

have them you play true without having

any difficulty

and the cards are easy to put back

together because the deck is is just a

deck of numbered cards yeah i think yeah

all the history i have with playing

corporate puzzle games there’s kind of


a few different kind of genres like uh

one of them is the sherlock holmes

detective agency one

where the plot and the writing there’s a

really compelling story where

everything kind of goes in and there’s

some cool kind of components like the

newspaper and stuff if

anybody’s ever played that game it’s

very kind of good and a kind of a rich


and then you have the other one which is

the escape room games which tend to have

because there’s not as many components

and it’s kind of a smaller game there’s

not as much of a compelling story

and i’m really glad when we’ve seen the

playtested different prototypes we have

the sacraments of snowball

that has an engaging kind of story along

where you’re actually caring about the

characters and you’re playing with the

people and what’s happening

as well as it being very challenging

kind of puzzle-rich environment

because usually with these kind of small

box games it’s kind of like just a

series of challenges

and then you either finish it you don’t

but the story is always something kind


abstract that you can’t really sink your

teeth into but no i love this kind of

compelling story so here why would did

you make this game

that it specifically say princess

snowball rather than some other kind of

board game

because i really love escape rooms and

puzzles and

when i’m solving puzzles in escape rooms


that’s when i’m really like wondering

about how they came up with it

and so i started this out by just trying

to figure out how you would make some


puzzles in a board game and how you

would bring that in

and i think it just became i developed

it more and more and like you said

we had played a bunch of really well

reviewed escape room

in a box games and we had a really good

time and they all had really compelling

stories and then we played a few that

weren’t as

well reviewed and we found that the

stories were kind of

choppy and like that whole

rich storytelling environment and that

love of puzzles

really was something i wanted to bring

together and and we geocache a lot so

so you’ll find that like some really

good geocaches

in the world are like ones where you

have to do physical things in your


to get the answer to get to the geocache


and that sort of stuff makes me feel

like i’m a real adventurer

and then i wanted to be a hero so that’s


you have to save a bunny because who

doesn’t want to be a hero

i love it yeah and what’s the current

state of the game because

i know i played some uh versions of the


i know recently you’ve kind of played

other ones i haven’t got a chance to

see so what’s current state so right now

we’ve had quite a few

we’ve been through quite a few

prototypes the idea behind going to so

many prototypes even though

the game is quite uh simple in mechanics

is to find out what puzzles work and

don’t work so

we’ve been through i think like i think

about 10 times been over

through this process and during the


had a lot of difficulty so it slowed

down a great deal

the play testing process but we have

kind of a refined prototype at this

point we’ve managed to bring people


willingly within support bubbles and our

family groups or

at social distancing so it’s been it’s

been hard to get up but we’ve managed to

it has meant

pulling in more family to play tests

than ever before

because they would be people we’d meet

with normally so they’d be part of our

when we could have two or three

households over they were the only

people that we could

we could uh play test with and they’ve

been really really good for feedback

and trying to get a diverse range of

people playing it

and so that’s given me a kind of an idea

of how long the game plays for

and then you know when people get tired

because escape room games can be quite

mentally exhausting so adjusting how

many puzzles are in the game

at the start i wanted to get value for

money putting the most amount of puzzles

in the game

but actually people find it quite

draining after a certain amount of time

so we’re

we’re still i think we owns help as well

trying to tweak that

so that there’s a right amount of games


last to the end of a session or like

right amount of puzzles that’s the end

of the session

without deterring people or people

thinking it’s too short and they’re not

getting value for money

that’s a that’s a really tricky problem

to have because everyone

acts in a different way everyone has

different kind of energy levels when it

comes to this kind of stuff

and also you don’t really know if you’re

tired until it’s too late

so yeah i think trying to figure out

that time is always kind of tricky

some escape rooms i think are too long

some like escape from board games

and it’s tricky to kind of get that

balance especially for everybody you

have to kind of deal with every

type of player i’ve seen you you’ve been

playing testimony people who played lots

and lots of escape rooms and escapement

board games

and also with kind of new people who

don’t really know anything about puzzles

and getting that kind of diverse thing

because people who are new to it

are very kind of engaged usually with it

people who played

skateboard games before they’re not

really engaged unless you have kind of


new techniques or methods so yeah it’s

pretty cool

yeah i found that like i mean i jumped

in on one of the kind of later

prototypes on us

just so that i’d be looking at it with a

fresh set of eyes

and me who’s played however many escape

rooms and however many little escape

rooms in a box

i found it like suitably challenging

like it’s a good mental workout but also

it’s achievable like it’s a fun game to

play who did the artwork of

this prototype you know that was me

i don’t think it was i think it was

actually me


you did the artwork but i reviewed it

for grammar and when it comes down to it

what do people like more

grammar or art i think you’ll find

there’s museums all over the world

dedicated to proper grammar

one of the more famous grammar museums

in paris anyway

so yeah i own did a really good job of i


the puzzles done in a lot of different

mediums and definitely different art

styles just to try and convey a puzzle

and own went through it and did a really

good job of bringing it together

and you want to talk about the process

on on that yeah sure yeah so like

obviously this artwork i did and it’s

not going to be final artwork it’s

this is just so that people get a sense

of the team and

the style just so they’re not looking at

black and white pictures

they can actually also get clues from


so yeah it was it was kind of a we’ve

dealt with artists before so i was kind

of just pretending to be one of the

artists that we usually deal with and

we’re trying to you know talk to kiara


what she wants what she wants to kind of

relay and then creating that kind of

kind of straightforward network and then

we’re also working with doing the

instruction manual and the box

as well so it’s just that kind of

process of kind of iterating over the

artwork and stuff like that is great

because then once we do

hire someone professional like designers

and artists and stuff

we can just we know exactly what to give

them and we kind of have a fairly good

idea and then we can tell them

what’s kind of needed and then where

they can kind of give their artistic


and kind of show themselves off and so

we always always have that flexibility

and i think if we want to progress to

play testing

to a broader group of people we kind of


to have a little bit more consistency in

the game and i think that

having even if it’s not final an artwork

style consistent throughout the game

just makes a big difference in people

feeling like it’s a real game

that they’re play testing because it can

be hard especially with a diverse group

maybe a lot of people who haven’t played

board games before

trying to show them that it’s a

prototype and that they’re not thinking

about the final thing

it actually makes it a little bit easier

if there is a rough artwork style on it


they understand better where it’s going

yeah and especially when you have the

clues in the images

because you can have a cl you can draw a

sketch of a clue on an image

and then when an artist comes in and

they do it that clue can either become

more obvious or less obvious and you can

totally change the balance of the game

because you want to give the scene you

want to kind of

build up the challenge and step it up

and if you have certain drops where like

a challenge is really easy or challenges

way too hard

they can feel like annoying where’s your

gonna gradually give it to them they can

climb a mountain you can’t see it but

i’m using my hands a lot

that description that’s just mountain

climbing hands

mentally mountain climbing you know

the final thing i guess we worry about

and you do have to worry about this


for the prototype is how much money

it will cost to make so we need to be

competitive in

quite like an inexpensive market there’s

a few expensive

escape rooms in a box and they are

high-end ones but they’re not

necessarily ones that

the people who are trying to dive into a

genre will buy

because there’s such a high threshold to

them so we’re trying to

aim at the entry level ones and there’s

a lot more

large manufacturers of those already in

the market

so we’ve tried to come up with solutions

for the puzzles and ways to have puzzles

where we’re

we’re using things that could be

manufactured relatively cheaply to keep

us competitive

so i think that when you get to that

point in your game and you’re starting

to look at each component

and analyze whether it can be made i

feel like

that’s a lot closer to final

manufacturer so

um we’re hoping that this coming year

this is when we’ll be able to release

the game

i think the way that say princess know

what has done is a really cool way in

solving that problem that these small

escape room card box games have

of you know how do you tell if someone’s

you know succeeded and

someone that’s failed with a challenge

and how do you kind of progress it so

that the person

it’s not obvious to the person where

they’re going which cards big

kind of stuff so i think it’s a it’s a

really great solution that

yeah we can’t wait to show people all

right so we’re going to move on then to

another game that we’ve done loads of

play testing on we love playing it

it’s fun each and every time you pick it

up and play and it’s bubble butts

so brian what is bubberbots a bumperbots

is a game you’ve probably heard us talk

about or if you follow us on social

media you’ve probably seen a lot of

bumperbots is a worker placement game

with a bit of a twist you’re you’re

people are used to work replacement

games where you know you place out your

worker you get that resource you earn

the resource you buy something with us

however bumper butts on titan has has

kind of chaotic workers so

you know you’ll tell them go off and get

me some gold resources there

and they’ll go yep heard you loud and

clear move over to the rice and get some

red resources for you perfect

so you’re because you’re building a

habitat on titan you’ve sent these

little robots ahead to gather resources

and build domes and

everything so that when the humans

arrive you know they can walk straight

into this ready-built world for


but because you’re communicating from

earth to

saturn’s moon of titan the signal can

break down a little bit

in communication so you want to send

your bots out to together as many


for you as you can but you know you’re

going to have

your bots wandering off in different

directions because they didn’t get the

signal properly or

you’re going to have other teams who are

trying to build domes as well

their bots might come in and just bump

yours straight out of the way

and you’ll end up somewhere you may not

want to be so you have to balance

kind of balance the look side of getting

the resources you want

with maybe a bit of strategy because you

can stack the bots so you can end up


taller and taller bots that you know

because they’re bigger

bigger antenna they receive the signal

better so you stack three bots up on top

of each other

they know what they’re doing they’re

getting the signal crystal clear from


they’re going and getting your resources

and because they’re so big they’re not

as easily bumped off

so aim of the game is to have as many

domes and as many colony points as


before time runs out and the humans come

around to to land and live on the world

with you

but you know titan is a titan is a

chaotic place itself so

you end up with changing landscapes

throughout the throughout the game so

there’s a storm that’ll move across the

board changing the face of the

of this planet as it goes meaning that

bots might be dragged around

through different gravity wells and

storms and vortexes i mean

these might work to your disadvantage or

they might work to your advantage so if

you’re being pulled towards a vortex

you know maybe you’re moving towards a

better resource so you can

you can use this to get the best

resources you can or

you may end up trying to get something

good and end up having your butt

completely destroyed in the vacuum of

a vortex yeah i think i love the idea of

a chaotic worker placement

we’ve played lots of kind of work

placement games before where they had

some chaotic element to them

you know some are kind of balanced like

stone age where you can kind of you’re

not sure what how many resources you’re

going to get

but you uh you’re not going to get

something and then other ones

where it’s just it’s just too kind of

random and i know

just from hearing you describe a brand

it always sounds to me kind of

too chaotic too random but when i played

the prototypes and stand up and play

testing of it i always found that it was

the balance is really good it’s actually

trying to

ensure that there is kind of some sort

of randomness to

how you know workers are placed out and

what happens and the different

things that people that players can do

but because it’s all kind of balanced

in a certain way it ensures that you

know people

there’s no like fully predictive kind of

actions you can do

you’re always taking a chance at

something but it’s not you’re not going

to like totally go off the wall

so yeah i love i love how kind of

controlled this chemic

work placement prototype is but i also

love the fact that you know it’s a

chaotic work replacement because

you know people don’t want to split

things that’s not very solid here they

want this kind of interaction between

players they want this kind of

i’m not really sure if their tactic is

going to work you know hedges

kind of style play yeah i like that

there’s multiple tactics

in the game i think that the variety of

having people who can just be completely

dedicated not deferring from

collecting resources they know they have

a shopping list effectively

and they can play they can attempt to

play that style of strategy and see how

far they get what the people are playing


and then somebody else can just be like

i just wanna really

totally enjoy the chaotic mechanics so

i’m gonna play to that style of things

i’m gonna bounce around i’m gonna fight

with the storm i’m gonna take on

take on the big players and usually a


can work but i like i just like the

variety in

in there yeah so there is a lot of as

you guys say there’s a lot of kind of

chaos in the game and randomness but

there’s a lot you can do to mitigate it

and to improve the strategy

if you want so i mean you can get

features to let you reroll dice

every player has can get custom bots

that let them kind of control the board

or control other

bots you can stack your bots up so they

have a better chance of getting the

resources you want

but even if you get bumped off or you

miss the resources you’re

looking for and you end up on something

else there’s such an

option of domes to build that you know

you might

you might build a different dome than

the one you were trying to at the end of

your turn but

it will mean that that dome generates

resources for you or

it gives you one-off bonuses so when you

come back around next turn

you know you have a better chance of

getting your resources or your

better chance of building the dome you

want so you know

there is chaos but you know you can

twist it into strategy if you’re

if you’re clever enough with us i think

the uh the whole domes add another layer

to the game which really kind of focuses

it a little bit more

because you know your first round is

very compelling everyone isn’t

at titan and they’re trying to you know

gather resources together stuff

and then you have this storm that’s

going over it’s a very kind of

interesting compelling kind of

mixture between the players and what the

domes do is they kind of

add this progression to the game that

means trade the rounds as rounds go

further further along because you become

more and more powerful but you’re also

going down a specific path

of power whether that’s more bots or

like you know more domes or some sort of

resource management

it means that you’re going to be

choosing different actions inside the

planet and other people are going to see

that and there’s going to be a lot more

mixture and

as you progress the challenges

challenges the choices you’re going to

make are totally different

though the domes are a really cool idea

that really helped

kind of bring the whole game as a

unified whole

yeah yeah so that’s a little bit of kind

of engine building to it as well so

you know you’re building these domes and

the domes themselves are generating

resources for you or maybe they’re

generating more bots for you to

place out or maybe they’re just

generating points or

generating vortex tokens that let you do

a whole pile of extra

features in the game or maybe they’re

just earning end game points for you

so there’s a lot of strategy built

around the randomness so you know it’s

not just a chaotic game completely

but you are working with chaotic workers

i imagine it’s like

trying to make a film with children what

does they don’t work with children and


this is uh but this is it’s really good

fun someone once described it as a game


really fun but may lose your friends if

you just commit your time to bumping all

of your friends

into vortexes i mean they get a bonus

for it

you get the satisfaction of bumping them

into vortexes everyone wins

yeah i think this is before there was a

catch-up mechanism for people

who got pumped into vortexes but yeah it

is it is compelling but you’re not gonna

be if someone keeps bumping you in

to a vortex you’re not guaranteed to

lose there’s definitely this kind of

element of you know still being in it

and still you know having different

choices to make

so it’s a quite big box isn’t it sort of

when i do

prototype i always played i think it was

six players

a whole bunch of resource stones and the

game so it’s a big

game right yeah so we it’s geared at the


for a a two to six player game that

will probably take about an hour and a

half to play but i mean every player has

20 of their own little bots and there’s

you know however many resources in the

game and everything like that so there’s

lots of pieces to it

and all the cool little stackable bots

and custom pieces and everything to it i

think it looks really good

like the artwork at the moment is still

a little excel sheety

but we haven’t haven’t settled down on

the final final prototype yet so

i don’t want to slap a coat of artwork

on it and end up having to change a lot

of stuff and

go back and redo it all so we’re getting

close to a

final version of it we’re just trying

out a different version of the domes


like one is cards that the players will

take for themselves

and the other is a kind of tech tree

where multiple players can build but you

can’t build the next level until you’ve

built the

level below it kind of thing so those

are the two

we’re we’re working with at the moment

just to see which one which one works


as i’m sure as you all know all being

stuck at home the most difficult bit at

the moment is play testing so

getting people to safely try out these

games and find out which one works which

one doesn’t

is is proven the biggest challenge for

us at the moment but we’re still hoping


to have a prototype finalized and ready

to go by the start of convention season

this year

crossing my fingers that you can’t see

on a podcast touching your fingers for

an existence of a commenting season as

well oh yeah yeah hopefully the

convention season exists this year

let’s not talk about that so stay


the current state of the game is quite

good because there’s obviously there’s

lots and lots of play tests and lots of

prototypes that are out there you

mentioned the fact that there is

no artwork there is there is some sort

of artwork that’s not like professional

or anything so what what kind of

could you say about the current

prototype are we close to a final

prototype or how are you feeling

yeah yeah we’re pretty close i mean the

the board

the playboard itself is pretty solid you

know there might be a few tiny tweaks to

it but

there’s always going to be a few tiny

tweaks to every game the

bots and their interaction the bumping

and stuff like that is all great

the custom bots might need a little bit

of balancing because

some of them are a bit overpowered and

some of them are a bit underpowered

but we’re trying to look it away where

you know players can kind of pick and

choose which ones they want so

depending on what style of game you’re

playing maybe you want to go for one of


over or underpowered ones or maybe the

overpowered ones can be

cancelled out in some way so i mean

we’re pretty close with it we just have


do a final bit of tweaking on us the

storm and all of that

is is all really good just the last

thing is really going to be

the dome system so the domes themselves

aren’t changing just really how

players earn them whether it’ll be a

take a card

and it’s there for yourself no one else

can have it or whether it’s a

you know like a tech tree where multiple

people can build up the different


and it just depends how in what

directions you build as to whether

you guess you know up the top of the

tree or whether you branch out and


a bit more play testing and all going

well we’ll have uh we’ll have a good

idea on what works and what doesn’t on

that one

i can’t wait that’s so cool yeah there’s

so many cool ideas inside

uh i can’t wait to see what comes up

next let’s move on then to some

uh updates from dice numbers this is our

game that we’ve released

and there’s some cool new things that

happened in 2020 with it we were


in the emerald game awards and which was

really cool really fun we all watched it

stream live

and watch the award ceremony it was

really fun there’s so many cool

games in 2020 and it was great to see

board games represented

lots of cool developers and companies

and all sorts out there

and yeah well done to radiant online

battle arena that

won the game awards this year uh or that

category our category anyway

it is a great game came out around the

same time as ours but delighted to see

such a good game win us even if we

didn’t yeah there’s all the ones who won

the awards were

definitely uh deserve it it was really

cool i can’t yeah i can’t wait for next


there were some funny technical glitches

this year but i think that was just

you know about to happen when it comes

to uh streaming online

for the first time ever everyone moving

from physical award ceremonies to online

awards ceremonies

nothing’s ever going to go perfect but

the guys did a great job with us

it really went well yeah deuter thing

for dice owners is we released our game

on board game arena

so anybody can play online you might

have seen it if you saw our

website we have a little link now on the

board game rooney it was

a very technically challenging project

to do

but i actually just released that couple

of days ago

and neil currently has no bugs so not to

say that there’s no bugs but notebooks

have been found

and we’ve we’ve resolved a whole lot of

things so it’s it’s still in beta at the

moment but we’re expecting it to go live

at some point but anybody can play it

it’s just a beta sticker on it

doesn’t mean much like owen put in so

much work it was

fabulous like he was working in daytime

coding and then in nighttime coding on

this it was

all of his life for a little while so i

think so much work went into it that we

decided we were going to do a podcast

later on the year about it so

if you are ever interested in getting a

board game on board game arena

we’re checking that out later on this

year i didn’t really have much else to


to be honest

and leave your house can’t do anything

why not program a board game into a core


it is it is the community is so nice and

boring i have to say like i’ve played

board gamer

before and and but now i play a lot more

obviously now that

i’m on developers on it but it’s great

to see so many people playing from

all over the world obviously the fact

that everyone’s in their house helps a


but there’s massive amounts of people

playing dice owners it’s great to see

all the numbers all different types of


as well because we can’t obviously

translate livestock without doing

language runs and manufacturing but it’s

great to see like you know japanese

uh language and then someone playing in

the japanese like that’s just

awesome if you want to check it out

definitely check your news google

for game arena and then search for dice

numbers and you’ll see it there

if you can play it for free obviously

you don’t need money when we have a

little post on how to

if you go to our youtube channel you can

see a little post we have on getting set

up and playing it

online in the next couple of podcasts

we’ll probably be doing a board game

where i’ll dig into the technical aspect

of it just in case

there are people who want to know and

also who want to kind of do it


or like if you’re a programmer who loves

board games

and you don’t see your board game on

board game arena odds are

it’s just waiting for someone to

implement it i i’ll get into a further

into that podcast but it’s a pretty good

podcast i’m sorry

save some stuff for this i i’m very

interested in this because it was a lot

easier than i thought but also a lot

more there’s a lot more differences than

i thought

really cool experience uh from a from a

technical point of

view so yeah check it out definitely see

what you think so owen you have been

busy for the last few years on getting

this podcast up and running

and doing great things here so what kind

of updates can we expect from the


from that we podcast we love tinder i i

love doing this podcast i think

uh it’s really fun we do too just

yeah yeah we’re not just here against

our whale

yeah we had because obviously there’s a

lot of podcasts out there but we

wanted to have this monthly one where we

could show irish board game designers

and kind of talk with the community talk

about the whole

process and can i get more not get more

people into it just show people what it


about it and then help clear up things

from people we really thought it was a

kind of way of helping people

and also there’s cool things you wanted

to be discussing

very interesting topics and just kind of

bringing bringing everybody from all


the world to kind of see what it’s like

as an irish board game designer but we

have come up with two new

styles of podcasts and obviously we have

lots of different kind of topics

on board game podcasts okay for a

technical podcast

board game design stuff there’s there’s

some dungeon dragon stuff

all sorts of other kind of varied topics

but the ones we

kind of want to focus in on are the

debate style podcasts because you might

have seen a previous one pandemic

it wasn’t so much a debate style podcast

because we all looked at them

and we wanted to get a little bit more

of a voice a little bit more of a

challenging opinion and so we’re we’re

picking games where

there isn’t a unified opinion as to

whether this game is good

yeah different games that i’m dying to

play but

the others hate the style or vice versa


we have we have some cool we have some

cool uh ideas for four games we’re

generally picking ones that are kind of

popular well-known but also kind of

we’re doing a very

quick run-through of head player but

it’s generally games where one person in

the group

loves the game one person a group

doesn’t want to play the game

and our version of the group just has a

mixed opinion and

it’s a debate yeah we’ll see how that

goes it might go terribly this this

could be a horrible plan

but um i think yeah educated debate

styles of like listen to people’s


and trying to make counterpoints there’s

a lot to be said for uh

having a kind of a fair style debate

whoa whoa i never agreed to fair

this as far as i’m concerned it’s who

can yell the loudest

hi i’m going to crush this i’m


yelling to you yeah come on come watch

the car crash because it will be

terrifying the first one we’re not going

to be too harsh on the games obviously

we’re still going to

represent the games but we do have kind

of opinions on mechanics

you know good design and bad design

decklist though it will either work out

amazingly or we’ll not want to talk to

each other anymore

in our last podcast yeah

yeah we also want to talk about updates

you know technology games updates and


on the channel and that’s just because

you know we’re developing or prototyping

more games

we’ll get to the stage where we’re going

to show these games off and kind of tell

people about them and kind of get people

involved you’re actually listening to

one of these

update podcasts right now

and this is the kind of place where you

give your feedback you discuss the


so if you have any any sort of things

like that on this episode or anything

you’ve heard

definitely you know reach out to us we

can discuss it and

we would love to hear your opinions that

one is probably not it’s probably going

to be maybe twice a year

or maybe certain events happen

throughout the year that kind of

yeah having it having it monthly would

be a bit weird since the last one we’ve

written this month’s worth of updates

yeah yeah well i do like the idea like

the idea of a year in review

just because you know sometimes i forget

what happened in like march

uh 2020 20. decades ago

eight years ago i was so much younger

so yeah uh there are some other updates

so here you can talk about it we were

doing two online board game conventions

a little bit strange this year obviously

we went to two online four game

conventions yeah they were uk games expo

and gaylcon

yeah so we really wanted to get involved

in the board game online scene as there

was no board game in-person scene

and a few of the big events were still

held online

i guess because they had the organizers

and the resources to do it

uk games expo was a really fun one so

everyone knows like dk game deco massive


a lot of people attending a really

positive group of people who organize it

who are friendly to deal with so we just

want to be involved because

we’ve known these guys for years and

they are always so welcoming that we

definitely still wanted to stay involved

we twitch streamed how to play our games

and our latest prototypes

that’s all up on our youtube channel if

you want to check any of them out or

want to see

what we mean now the prototypes would

have been the ones from

earlier in the year rather than late

later in the year but still if you want

to get an idea or

are a visual person check that out there

wasn’t many people to interact with as


so we found it quite hard to get that

kind of momentum we normally would

i guess there’s always a lot of small

independent board game

developers at uk games expo that’s what

makes it a really interesting event you

get a lot of unusual

like when we’re there we buy a lot of

unusual games you get a lot of like

little indie developers that you hadn’t

heard of

and you see them as you’re going around

unfortunately the online format isn’t as

easy to travel between stands so

we did reach out to a few people and we

had a good few people

in and out of our twitch streams and

chat with us

but it wasn’t probably the same as the

physical event so

i think the main stage is still got good

good momentum but

hopping around probably still needs a

little bit of tweaking

however the guys were really friendly

and we watched the mainstage a good bit


and when we weren’t running the twitch

stream and had a really good time so

i’m really glad we attended probably

made us think a little bit more about

what people are actually looking for

at these events as well so we’d probably

do a kind of a modified version of what

we did if it’s running online again this


because who knows what’s going to be

happening by uh by whenever it runs i

don’t know is it

is it back to may next year actually

they sent out a few

emails but we haven’t even gotten to

planning our our year ahead yet so uh

we’re looking in for it though so we’re

booked in so

we’ll be there whether it’s online or

whether it’s in person we’ll be there

absolutely really and we love attending

like nothing’s going to change that so

let’s see how it goes then the other one

we attended was gayle khan

gerkon is the it’s got to be the biggest


gaming convention so it covers

role-playing games

as well as board games and they had this

year they had panels as well

so kind of a little bit like the uk

index forward there’s kind of streams

and panels going on

and they have their renowned charity

auction as well

so i was volunteering as staff at that


after the uk games expo we didn’t know

how we were going to

deal with online conventions and we kind

of wanted a little bit of a

time to see what other people were doing

and to do some research on it

so instead of deciding to attend as

like a shop or a retailer we decided to


i wanted to help out as staff and also

just to help out

an irish convention is like stuff we’d

like to do anyway

so i really enjoyed volunteering at it i

uh the people are lovely and

the convention itself was was really

well well run

considering they had never like no one

this year had run online game

conventions before

it ran fabulously and there was a lot of

work put into the background to make it

a really good convention

we will continue to either attend or

online attend online gail clinton

brilliant and we definitely want to stay

involved in that and i think they’re

hoping to have a much bigger board game

contingent next year as well

so all going well you’ll see a lot more

a lot more board gamers to go alongside


uh role-playing games and the miniatures

and everything it’s very exciting

looking forward to see

how much that keeps growing over the

years yeah and i i

would like to stay involved in

organizing it as well i think it’s a

it’s a real rewarding opportunity so

hopefully they’ll accept me as staff

next year it’s a really good convention


that was how we tried to keep some a bit

of momentum in our public facing style

of things but uh

and we didn’t quite get the amount of

play testing in that we would have liked

for our new games

which has just meant the lead time for

our newer games it’s just taking a

little bit longer than uh

than the last time it’ll be great to go

back to gaelcon i’d be amazed if they

have you back after that stunt with the

goat on the fountain but look

the less said about that the better

but uh yeah we i mean this year as well

we saw a whole lot of uh dnd played

because we were able to move on to roll


and basically stay with some form of

social interaction without actually

being together i suppose thanks to own

for running curse of stride we finally

got it finished

our three-month campaign that finished

two years later amazing

yeah so i mean if you’ve listened to our

previous podcast you’ve probably heard

us talk about

curse of strat but that was an amazing

ramp up and finish and own ran a

fantastic campaign after even organizing

one shots ourselves

you know the one shots are a nightmare

to try and plan everything out for

i have no idea how you ran the entire

stride campaign

yeah it wasn’t it wasn’t going to take

that long it was supposed to take three


everywhere online said three months

it’ll take a year and uh

i assume three months if you just 24

hours a day kind of continues

i don’t know i don’t know we played a

lot we played a lot like

once every two weeks maybe it was really

cool interesting campaign lots of cool

moments um but there’s so many quarter

cool campaigns we did

that kind of helped us you know stay on

track like we played obviously all the

starter sets

played lots of kind of one shots and

then lots of other smaller campaigns now

we also like you know we’ve read books

for future ones we have to kind of hook

up the courage to do a bigger one again

but who knows when that’s going to be

and we’d love to start when we do it

right in person but for now we’re doing

one shots obviously trade this entire


you know as we’ve all actually the end

all three of us here we’ve come up with

ideas as to how to make

the dm’s life easier how to kind of make

dvd adventures easier

and we also kind of some of us are

interested in writing a lot as well

to create like long story elements that

kind of bring in cool new ideas that we

kind of want to see in d d

like the best thing about d d is that

you can take purchase red

and then you can just make it your own

and add in what you want

so when it comes to td we we have

started like work workshopping ideas and


that kind of sharpen our teeth on

writing that allow us to tell the

stories that we want to tell and then

kind of

show off the ideas of like social

interactions and kind of

characters and plot lines that we think

are kind of compelling

that we don’t really see much in d so

these are obviously still

workshop phase it’s still kind of a

draft but it’s great to see

uh like small kind of exciting

adventures that still take place

we might see them in the future who

knows yeah and we love to tell an


unique story and for some reason we

always get the ideas in our head that we

can do great ones

so keep your eyes out they’ll be amazing

so much like a million times more than

those are those

easy dnd ones that have only been around

30 years developing

yeah we can crank it out in a couple of


cursive gym

curse of brad it’s just a really

annoying guy in your office who drives a

merc and tells everyone about it


damn it brad uh yeah we also uh some

more updates that we have from picking

up some games

is uh with a shout out to the graphic

designer of dye summoners kate

her company maker design one female

entrepreneur of the year

in 2020 which is yeah

congratulations to case phenomenal

achievement for her especially

she’s been in business only a handful of

years and to i mean she’s just gone from

strength to strength to success to

success and

female entrepreneur of the year was a

phenomenal achievement for her we’re

delighted for and so proud of her

so definitely go to her for all of your

design needs

probably company based rather than board

game based but amazing either way

i feel so i think lockdown has kind of

been hired

on everyone kind of all over the world

you know

maybe you’re super productive maybe not

so much

but we hope your 2021 is filled with

vaccines conventions

holidays friends and four games i really

hope it is

i would love that i’m not just in your


all going well we’ll be looking forward

to seeing all of you in

some form of normality back us

conventions and play testing and

gaming sessions and everything later

this year

so stay safe out there and if you can

try to keep yourself healthy and well i

think that our next few podcasts are

going to probably be

on zoom the irish government seems to be

saying lockdown is not ending anytime

soon so settle in for uh

for the long haul for this one yeah it’s

just like two two more podcasts maybe

that’s three yeah

don’t worry about it all right so that

pretty much wraps it up then for

a year in review for decking awesome

games 2020.

uh if you enjoyed it share it we’ve been

checking out some games

thanks for listening see ya thanks guys